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Stress Management Resources

Along with our beautiful screensaver we have other valuable resources that will help you to get your stress levels down and improve your overall health.

Reducing Stress is an Inside Job

These two e-books (along with the screensaver) will show you how to, once and for all, get control of those stressful situations in your life. Reducing stress is indeed an “inside job” and this workbook and manual will guide you to the internal resources you already possess to get control of your life.

valuable ebookYour Personal Guide to Stress Management will give you the theory about what stress is, how it affects your health and practical methodology’s for protecting yourself from the damaging aspects of stress.

Click the book to have a peek inside. (opens PDF in a new window)


valuable ebookThe Stress Management Workbook, an excellent companion to the guide book, will walk you through assessments to evaluate your stress levels, provide exercises for reducing stress, and show you methods and procedures you can implement right now to begin improving your health through effective stress management.

Click the book to have a peek inside. (opens PDF in a new window)

The information in these two e-books comprises much of the materials we teach in our four day in person workshop, Reducing Stress is an Inside Job, which costs $595 per person to attend

excellent choice!This special combination now only $19.95

Note: The Reducing Stress is an Inside Job Package is 100% electronic. You will receive the ebooks AND screensaver by download link in your email with instructions for retrieving your products.If you have difficulty or do not receive the links within 24 hours, email or call us for help. You may request the screensaver on CD for an additional $4.95 plus s/h.

Our very special stress management resource collection

Before you decide, take a look at this excellent package of stress reduction tools that can significantly improve your quality of life.

Meditations: The Audio Collection I, plus the previous package for only $39.95!

Next to conscious breathing, meditation, visualization, and contemplation are the most effective means for reducing stress. Practicing these techniques will allow your body and mind to relax in ways you may never have imagined.

Meditations: The Audio CollectionMeditations: The Audio Collection I is the perfect set of CDs for the beginner as well as for the practiced meditator. This is a four CD set that includes instructions on how to meditate, as well as guided morning and evening meditations, meditations for balance and harmony, and meditations for peace and serenity. This relaxing and calming CD set was created and produced by Patricia Crane, Ph.D., her meditation experience, along with her nurturing voice over the relaxing background music are sure to alleviate your cares and worries in an instant.

Listen to sample from the Sunrise, Sunset CD

get the entire relaxation collectionWe are offering this CD set at a steep discount from the regular price when purchased as a package with Your Personal Guide to Stress Management, The Stress Management Workbook, and the Taking a Breather screensaver because we cannot imagine a better collection of resources to manage your stress. All for only $39.95! (+shipping of CDs) Within this package you will have all the tools and information you need to reclaim your peace of mind and relax your body.

As always, this and all of our resources and services are 100% guaranteed, if for any reason you are not satisfied we will cheerfully refund your money.

This special package now only $39.95.

NOTE: The CD set will be shipped to you by regular mail. Ebooks & screensaver will be delivered by download link in your email. WATCH for them, as they are time limited links. (If you miss the time limit, please email us and we'll happily send you a new link) You may request the screensaver on CD for an additional $4.95 plus s/h.

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